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Brake Fluid, where we delve deep into the technology that drives the performance of this critical automotive fluid. Specifically, we will explore the use of Polyalphaolefin (PAO) and Ester technology in Brake Fluid, highlighting their significance and benefits.

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Enhanced Performance

PAO’s high-temperature stability and Ester’s lubricating properties work together to ensure consistent and reliable brake performance, even under extreme conditions.

Extended Component Life

The compatibility of PAO with various brake system materials and Ester’s seal conditioning properties contribute to longer-lasting components, reducing maintenance costs.

Safety Assurance

Brake Fluid is a critical component for vehicle safety. PAO and Ester technology help maintain brake system integrity, reducing the risk of brake failure.

Wide Temperature Range

The combination of PAO’s low viscosity and Ester’s lubricating abilities allows Brake Fluid to operate effectively in a wide range of temperatures, from arctic cold to scorching heat.