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Synthetic Ester Racing Oil

Synthetic Ester Racing Oil is a high-performance lubricant specifically designed for racing and high-demand motorcycle engines. It is formulated using synthetic ester base oils, which are chemically engineered to provide exceptional lubrication and protection under extreme conditions. This type of oil offers several benefits

Extreme Temperature Stability

Withstands the most grueling racing conditions, maintaining lubrication integrity even in blistering heat or freezing cold. This stability ensures consistent synthetic ester oil  engine performance, reducing the risk of mechanical failures due to temperature-related stress.

Reduced Friction

The advanced molecular composition of synthetic ester oils minimizes friction between moving parts, allowing the engine to operate smoothly and efficiently. This reduction in friction translates to increased horsepower and torque, giving racers a competitive edge on the track.

Outstanding Protection

Provides unparalleled protection against wear and tear, safeguarding vital engine components from premature degradation. Whether it’s high-speed cornering or rapid acceleration, this oil forms a durable barrier that shields critical parts, prolonging their lifespan and minimizing the need for costly repairs.

High RPM Performance

Engineered specifically for the demands of racing, this oil maintains its viscosity and lubricating properties even at high RPMs. It ensures that the engine operates at peak performance levels without compromising on reliability, allowing racers to push their machines to the limit with confidence.

Resistance to Oxidation

Synthetic ester oils exhibit exceptional resistance to oxidation, preventing the formation of harmful sludge and deposits that can impede engine performance. This resistance ensures cleaner internal components, reducing the risk of engine buildup and maintaining optimal fuel combustion efficiency over time.


Designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of fuel blends and engine technologies, including catalytic converters. This compatibility not only ensures compliance with emissions standards but also provides racers with the flexibility to optimize their engine setups for maximum power and efficiency.

Advanced Formulation Expertise

Expertise in Formulating High-Performance Synthetic Ester Oils for Racing Engines

Chemical Engineering

Proficient in Designing Molecular Structures to Enhance Lubrication and Protection

Precision Engineering

Ensuring Consistent Performance and Reliability Under Extreme Racing Conditions

Product Development

Continuously Innovating to Meet the Demands of High-Performance Racing Engines

Quality Assurance

Rigorous Testing and Quality Control Processes to Ensure Optimal Performance and Protection

Technical Support

Providing Expert Guidance and Support for Optimal Oil Selection and Usage in Racing Applications